Saying “sorry”

Sorry 02There comes a time in every person’s life when they need to apologize.  When you are 2 and 5 years old these apologies happen often and are frequently accompanied by parental instructions on how proper apologies happen.  “Look me/him/her in the eye”, “try not to mumble, dear”, “What are you sorry for?”, etc.  But when you are an adult the opportunities to apologize seem to be fewer.  I don’t think that the offenses that require apologies are fewer necessarily but as adults we have a choice to apologize or not to apologize.  And today, I choose to apologize… to my sister.

For weeks, maybe even months, I’ve been giving my sister a hard time regarding a task she and I have been working on.  She’s been telling me “it’s not as easy as you think it is” and “it’s not that simple” and I just blow it off and continue to pester her saying “just do it”, “it’s not that hard you just have to do it”, “I made you a template”.

Well,  I was wrong.

Things didn’t turn out as I had expected so I dove in to “fix” it.  Boy howdy did I have a hard time.  I expected to jump in, upload a few files and be done.  Just like that (insert finger snap).  But, after an hour I was beginning to loose my patience.  After 2 hours I gave up and started searching for an alternative solution.  I found a solution, called my sister and apologized.  We were able to laugh about it.  I got the requisite “I told you so” and I told her I would buy her a cup of coffee.  Since she is in Washington state and I in Illinois she gets the honor of a very public apology and this cup of coffee by mail.

Sorry 01

I was inspired by the cute gift certificates at Starbucks right now.  Since I can’t physically have coffee with my sister right now I was tickled to see these little cups that I could send to her.  I hope she enjoys it.  I know she’s forgiven me (she told me so) but sometimes it’s just nice to have a written reminder.


Week of Cards 5

Hello friends! Today I have a simple hand cut Thank You card for you. Just to prove that I don’t have to use my Cameo for everything I do. This card’s embellishment is easy to do with some scrap paper and a pair of scissors. Just start cutting circles intentionally aiming for “not perfect”. When you finish layer the circles largest to smallest in whatever order looks best to you and glue it down. I used my double sided tape gun for this but a glue stick would suffice.


Well folks, today is our last day of Week of Cards! Leave a note below and let me know what you’ve been thinking? What cards are you working on or dreaming about?

Week of Cards 4

Hello friends! Here we are at day four of my Week of Cards series and today I have some fun postage stamp inspired cards. Of course, cut by my trusty Silhouette Cameo. I used the weld feature for these cards which means I had one shape, duplicated it, slightly overlapped the edges and clicked “weld”. Welding the two postage stamp shapes gave me a foldable card. I could have left this as a flat card with no fold or inside to write in and I might do some like that for gift tags or quick notes but not today. The yellow bakers twine is from my favorite people over at Whisker Graphics and the makers of Devine Twine. Absolutely my favorite twine ever!





We are half way through the week and we aren’t done yet! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s installment of Week of Cards.

A Week of Cards 3

Hello friends! I hope your week is coming along well. Continuing with our Week of Cards series I have another Thank You card for you today. A lovely friend of mine surprised me with a gift card to my favorite gluten-free bakery, Hayley’s, and I was just floored. I tend to be a bit of a sugar hound especially when I’m stressed and Hayley’s has the most delicious carrot cake ever and I love that I can now go and grab a slice with out having to think about our family food budget. To start out with, I’m a big fan of brackets. I’ve stared at them on my computer key boards since I learned how to type but never had a reason to use them (I’m not even sure I know when I’m supposed to use them). So, using them in crafting has been fun for me. This card uses the bracket as the end of the flap. I cut the front flap to be almost the size of my 5×7 card and then printed and cut the label. I inked the edges and adhered the flap to the card. I had a bit of trouble using the print and cut feature of the Cameo this round but I kept working at it and it came out just fine.


A Week of Cards 2

Hello friends! We are back again today with my Week of Cards series. Today we continue with the Thank You card I created for the retiring volunteer that I posted about already this week. In the years I’ve known this volunteer she’s struck me as such a lovely woman and I wanted to bring a soft feminine feel to her thank you card. Again using my Cameo’s print and cut function I used a layered label with a fancy font. I inked the edges of the label pieces with a dark grey color that coordinates well with the plain embroidery floss that I wrapped behind the label. Because I used the adhesive foam squares again here I was able to hide the knot on the embroidery floss behind the label as well. Once again I was very pleased with the end result. It might look a bit unfinished as there is a lot of blank space beneath the art but this is intentional. The large space gave the other members of the group space to write their own messages and signatures.



More cards and paper goodness to come so stay tuned!

A Week Of Cards

Hello friends! I’ve been making quite a few special cards over the last few weeks so this week I thought we would spend the week looking them over.

First card I’d like to start off with is a special card I made for my husband’s work. One of his volunteers was “retiring” from the committee and he asked if I would make a card to invite her to the little gathering we would be having in her honor. As I thought about her and how many years we’ve worked with her I realized how many trips we’ve been on with her… And mostly to the south funnily enough. A theme quickly came together and I had fun using some dingbat fonts I had been collecting. Then using my Silhouette Cameo’s print and cut function I made the arrow and used some adhesive foam squares to give it some dimension. I’m very pleased with the end result and it speaks to our youth group vibe fairly well.



Stay tuned for more card making inspiration this week!

Stationary Fun

Hello friends and Happy October!  It’s been a while since my last post but I have been a busy bee.  Today I thought I would share with you some of my stationary adventures of late. I am a big fan of mail and finding cute stationary is not hard to find.  Making cute stationary is even better!

Here are some of my favorites using my letterpress tool…

Thinking Of You

I’m a big fan of flat cards.  On this card I used an A7 flat card (5×7) with envelope.  You cold write a quick note between the text and lower design or fill up the back with a lengthier note.

Bird Cage

Perfect for a quick “hello” this is an A2 flat card (4.25×5.5) and envelope.  I’ve been really enjoying the super saturated and rich color palette available in envelopes lately.


One can never have too many thank you cards.  This little guy is also an A2 flat card.

Here is another A2 thank you note.

I’ve used a “blind emboss” on this card which uses the letterpress plate image with out ink.  When I don’t have the ink color I want I use a blind emboss, it’s like the color black, it goes with everything!

All of these designs make me happy and are in my stash that I send to real people.  Because I rarely have time to sit down and make a card when I actually need one so when I do sit down and make cards I don’t make just one.  I make at least five to make sure I have some on hand for later.

So, friend, when is the last time you sent a little note to someone?  Do you even have stamps in your home?  I challenge you to send a note to someone this week!  Send someone a little ray of sunshine and give them a reason to look forward to getting mail.