Sweet Adele is 4!

There’s this sweet girl I know and she just turned 4.  Her awesome momma threw her a spa party and darn it if it wasn’t the cutest thing ever.  Boys were not invited much to the chagrin of the numerous brothers represented by the attendees.  We soaked the girls feet and painted their nails.  Then they got to paint a picture frame and eat cake.  Pretty simple and LOTS of fun!


I had the pleasure of helping with the invitations.  We took to Pinterest and found some great spa themed ideas.  We chose a sleeping mask shape embellished with a butterfly (the birthday girl’s favorite).  Adele picked out the paper and colors and her momma and I put them together.

Adele03The date, time and address details were hidden under the butterfly’s wings.

Adele01We put the RSVP request on little jewelry tags by hand and tied them on.

Adele02I used my Cameo and the Silhouette Studio (designer edition) software to place every element.  To make attaching the butterfly to the rest of the invitation easier I put in some small circles on the butterfly and on the plain text layer of paper before cutting the shapes out which lined up perfectly later when assembling.  That way we didn’t need to try and hole punch or use a needle for threading the embroidery floss through.

Christmas is just around the corner (as if you needed the reminder).  It’s time to get crafty!  What are you working on for the Holidays?


Saying “sorry”

Sorry 02There comes a time in every person’s life when they need to apologize.  When you are 2 and 5 years old these apologies happen often and are frequently accompanied by parental instructions on how proper apologies happen.  “Look me/him/her in the eye”, “try not to mumble, dear”, “What are you sorry for?”, etc.  But when you are an adult the opportunities to apologize seem to be fewer.  I don’t think that the offenses that require apologies are fewer necessarily but as adults we have a choice to apologize or not to apologize.  And today, I choose to apologize… to my sister.

For weeks, maybe even months, I’ve been giving my sister a hard time regarding a task she and I have been working on.  She’s been telling me “it’s not as easy as you think it is” and “it’s not that simple” and I just blow it off and continue to pester her saying “just do it”, “it’s not that hard you just have to do it”, “I made you a template”.

Well,  I was wrong.

Things didn’t turn out as I had expected so I dove in to “fix” it.  Boy howdy did I have a hard time.  I expected to jump in, upload a few files and be done.  Just like that (insert finger snap).  But, after an hour I was beginning to loose my patience.  After 2 hours I gave up and started searching for an alternative solution.  I found a solution, called my sister and apologized.  We were able to laugh about it.  I got the requisite “I told you so” and I told her I would buy her a cup of coffee.  Since she is in Washington state and I in Illinois she gets the honor of a very public apology and this cup of coffee by mail.

Sorry 01

I was inspired by the cute gift certificates at Starbucks right now.  Since I can’t physically have coffee with my sister right now I was tickled to see these little cups that I could send to her.  I hope she enjoys it.  I know she’s forgiven me (she told me so) but sometimes it’s just nice to have a written reminder.

A Little Encouragement

Hello friends!  I hope this week finds you warm and cozy somewhere with people you enjoy.  I’ve been trying to make writing to friends and family more of a priority these days.  I treasure the handwritten notes that get sent my way.  Emma and I race to get the mail everyday and during birthday season there is often a brightly colored envelope in there for a member of our family.  But when birthday season is over those little rays of sunshine are sadly absent.  So, I did a little thinking…  If I want to receive mail I need to send mail right?  At least that’s my theory at this moment.  As such I’ve actually gotten responses to the little rays of sunshine I’ve sent out.  One friend in particular shared with me her struggle in seeing God’s work through her prayers.  After about a week of praying on how I could encourage her I kept coming back to the image of a watchman.  Way back when before all of our cool technology someone had to physically keep watch.  Whether it be at the city walls or in a watch tower someone was the watchman and his job was to keep an eye on things as the inhabitants of the city went about there daily lives.  I know there are still places these days which require a physical watchman and I imagine it is a fairly solitary job that many are not aware of until it’s gone.  I think this is the same with prayer.  We may pray but never see the answer or fruit of our faithful prayers but still we pray.  It is with that thought I created this little reminder card.  I now have one on my mirror at home and hope it encourages my friend as much as it does me.

Birthday Invitations – 4 Years Old

Hello Friends!  September is rolling right along and we are coming up on Emma’s birthday.  She will be 4 and I am so proud of her accomplishments this year.  Our party theme this year is princess (with out the help of Disney).  I had grandiose plans to hand draw the party invitation and be a little more planned out with the decorations but, alas, life took over and I’m keeping it simple.  Here is a peek at the fun invites we sent out…

I’ve been looking for new fonts lately and I found a treasure trove of them over at Lettering Delights.  The slightly off kilter font is called Felicity and I just love it.  After a quick run through the sewing machine a few times the invite was completed with envelopes from Paper Source in “paper bag”.  Although these invites didn’t fall into my original vision I think they do the job quite well.

Emma’s parties are this weekend and with a wedding on Sunday we will be very busy.  Last year was Emma’s first “friend” party and I was really nervous about what people would expect.  As I browsed Pinterest and some of my favorite blogs I saw really fabulous parties for which I have no budget for.  As I agonized over this a friend of mine said “start small and keep it simple, if you go all out when she’s 3 you may have to top it the next year and the next year and the next”.  I now keep this in mind as I plan parties for both kids.  There will come a day when Emma will know exactly what she wants for her party and I think I will be happy that I didn’t train her to have super big parties every year.  With that I have also started a tradition of having her friend party and family party on the same day.  This won’t work forever and it makes for a long day but when the sun sets we will have thoroughly celebrated Emma and be done.  Hopefully we are laying good ground work for the parties of the future.

Our weekend will be very full with lots of partying four year old style!  What does your weekend hold?

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!