Some Fun For Our Graduates

Hello friends and happy Saturday!!! My cameo and I spent some time last night working on some pretties for next week’s senior banquet over at KCC. Here’s a little sneak peak!!!




Christmas in Review

Hello friends! It’s half way through January and I’m just getting to the last of my Christmas posts. Time flies doesn’t it? Well we try to keep Christmas decorations up for as long as possible in our household. The tree is down but I’d like to show you some of the fun that remains.



Using my Cameo I spent quite a bit of time cutting these “joy” words out. I strung some embroidery floss through them and absolutely loved the outcome.




Remember the update to my hutch I did a while back? Well it worked again and the minute I put the fabric up my house immediately had a festive feel to it. The lighted greenery on top is from Costco and it made a fun “crown” of sorts. I added some book-page branches and I will leave this up until I decorate for spring. I think I will keep the white lights on the big branch until they die on me. The light is so pleasant especially in the evenings.

So tell me friends, is Christmas still up at your house?

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A Home Grown Wedding

My Aunt was married this past July at my Mother’s home.  I had the privilege of helping with the decorations.  Weddings can get out of hand sometimes and I really loved my Aunt’s only boundary… keep it simple.  Simple.  As my Mom and I talked about decorations a lovely and elegant, yet simple, plan emerged and it worked beautifully!

Reception Table

The reception tables were the first project we handled.  We decided to go with brown paper and a soft Hawaiian print fabric my mom had on hand.  We literally borrowed everything!!!  And, thanks to my mom’s fabulous gardens, we only had to wander through the pathways and pick the flowers we wanted.  Who says weddings have to be crazy expensive…

The food tables were a personal favorite of mine.  With the subtle Hawaiian theme we had I thought how perfect it would be to use sand on the tables.  When I started pouring the sand on the tables I wasn’t quite sure how well it would clean up but when clean up time came it wasn’t an issue at all.  We just picked up the paper and funneled the sand back into the bag.

Instead of a traditional wedding cake there was a dessert buffet.  Lots of delicious deserts to choose from each one more delicious than the last.  Yum!  We used a variety of cake stands to give the table height and interest.

To help label each desert I used my Epic 6 machine and letterpress plates from Lifestyle Crafts to make these cute little name tents.  Instead of using actual letterpress ink {which if you read my calligraphy post you will understand my personal mess factor here} I used stamping ink which gives the impressions a bit of a more rustic feel.

Down at the ceremony site I placed three large glass cylinders with candles, beach glass and shells along the edge of the pond.  Even though we didn’t really need the candle light it was a nice soft touch.

At the end of the day I was and am really pleased with the results.  Simple.  Yes, I think we kept things simple and thoughtful.  It sure does help that my mom is a talented landscape designer and has the gardens to prove it. {wink, wink}

I’d love to hear of your handmade wedding exploits!  What worked?  What didn’t?

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