Sweet Adele is 4!

There’s this sweet girl I know and she just turned 4.  Her awesome momma threw her a spa party and darn it if it wasn’t the cutest thing ever.  Boys were not invited much to the chagrin of the numerous brothers represented by the attendees.  We soaked the girls feet and painted their nails.  Then they got to paint a picture frame and eat cake.  Pretty simple and LOTS of fun!


I had the pleasure of helping with the invitations.  We took to Pinterest and found some great spa themed ideas.  We chose a sleeping mask shape embellished with a butterfly (the birthday girl’s favorite).  Adele picked out the paper and colors and her momma and I put them together.

Adele03The date, time and address details were hidden under the butterfly’s wings.

Adele01We put the RSVP request on little jewelry tags by hand and tied them on.

Adele02I used my Cameo and the Silhouette Studio (designer edition) software to place every element.  To make attaching the butterfly to the rest of the invitation easier I put in some small circles on the butterfly and on the plain text layer of paper before cutting the shapes out which lined up perfectly later when assembling.  That way we didn’t need to try and hole punch or use a needle for threading the embroidery floss through.

Christmas is just around the corner (as if you needed the reminder).  It’s time to get crafty!  What are you working on for the Holidays?


Pre-school Valentine’s


Hello friends! I hope you had a suitable valentines day. With a pre-schooler in the house valentines day is a very fun occasion. I was really excited to make our valentines this year because I thought Emma would have a good time helping. As it turns out she was quite fine letting me do it on my own. It will come as no surprise to you, I’m sure, that I pulled out my trusty Silhouette Cameo and started creating. I used the ‘print and cut’ feature this time. The Cameo doesn’t have ink cartridges so once you’ve created your art work (and checked your cut lines) you send the file to your printer first and then run it through the Cameo for cutting. After I assembled all of the boxes Emma and I baked two sugar cookies for each ‘carton’ complete with valentine sprinkles. We topped the whole thing off with some peppermint Devine Twine and a strawberry milk straw and we were done! The full process took about 4-5 hours over about a week bit most of that was waiting for the Cameo to cut the files and baking cookies.

So, tell me friends, did you create something for your Valentine? Do share!

Lovely Pendant Light

Hello friends! Now that Christmas is over I can start showing you some of the fun stuff I made for my family. This first item is my favorite. I’ve been wanting to try this technique for a while and had a great reason to this holiday season. I scored some crafting time when my husband took the kids Christmas shopping for my gifts and set up shop. Using a light colored shade with the pendant light fixture from Ikea I cut some white card stock with my Cameo and Mod Podged it to the inside of the shade.


Here is the final result and I am very pleased with it. The “E” is for my cousin Erin to whom this lovely went to. I can’t wait to make more for my own house!


20121230-175143.jpg Thanks for stopping by!