Knock, Knock

Hello friends!!! How is your week faring? Ours is busy and good all at the same time. It seems like graduation season changes in intensity every year. We’ve been really enjoying celebrating the seniors in our lives this month. One thing that is big in our house is knock, knock jokes. Dinner time can turn into laughing time with a well placed knock, knock joke. My four year old doesn’t quite get the point of jokes so they spin out of control and become funny just because she thinks its so funny. Rewind to last week and our bathtub drain was hopelessly clogged. We tried many DIY fixes with no luck so we called our favorite handyman. He came down and fixed it and we now have a freely flowing drain. Our handyman is so wonderful and didn’t charge us for the fix. In thinking about how to suitably thank him a knock, knock joke came to mind and this card was born. It is entirely possible that I’m crazy but I think it’s pretty clever. Enjoy!





When It Rains, It Pours…

Whew, what a month my family has had.  We were on a roll there for a bit spending every Friday, for three weeks, at the hospital with our little boy.  We finally broke the cycle two weeks ago, successfully went on vacation and all seems to be well.  To make a long story short our little guy had a fall here at home and acquired about an inch long laceration on his forehead right between the eyes.  After three rounds of stitches I think we can call this one well on its way to healing and fast leaving the “danger zone”.  As we walked through these past weeks our community really stepped up to help.  Whether it be physically by coming to the house to help watch kids, coworkers taking on more work, family bringing meals by or just by words of encouragement and empathy we have a lot of folks to thank.  What a great reason to get crafty…


I used my trusty Cameo and software to create this card.  I cut the clouds out of two different papers, inked the edges and used foam squares to pop the foreground cloud up a bit.  I really like the mix of printed elements and cut elements.  This card measures 5×7 so I’ve used it for the folks that interrupted their lives to come help us.  My plan is to make smaller cards to give props to those who kept track of us through out the whole process and who I know were praying for us faithfully.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Happy Admin Day! (late)

Hello friends!  While we were on vacation last week our nation celebrated Administrative Professionals Day.  When we got back my husband asked me to make a card for the admin staff at his work.  I’ve been combing through some of Lori Whitlock’s ideas and saw a really cool slide card idea and some of her pop up cards which got me thinking about clever ways to have a card open.  I created this pull out bracket card for our beloved office ladies…


And here’s the fun part…


The writing space slides out at the bottom.  For future cards I do need to figure out how to make the pull out more obvious.  Funny story about this card…  I cut some lilacs out of our yard to go with the card and the card ended up getting a little wet on the way to work with my husband.  The ink ran all over the place.  Luckily I was coming up to pick up our daughter from pre-school so I print and cut a new top card, threw some glue and scissors in my purse and hightailed it up there.  The final version doesn’t have the black ink smudge on the top which makes my picky brain happier.

So, did you get crafty for Admin day?  I’d love to see what you came up with!  Send me a link.