Fall Decor: Wall Letters

Fall has officially made it to Chicago. Or at least I think it has but only living here for a whopping month and a half I’m not really sure. It was 80 last week and now it barely hits 70. I think that counts right? Weather aside fall has hit our house. The other day I asked Emma if our house felt like home and she said no. I wasn’t too surprised due to the number of boxes still hiding in many corners but it did give me some insight into her world. She’s been struggling with being left at school and its been breaking my heart. So this inspired me to help Emma, and all of us really, feel more at home in our house. One of my projects were these fall letters. I used a cutting file by Lori Whitlock and cut everything out while Emma enjoyed some much coveted “office time” with me and finished putting them together through out the night. It wasn’t terribly difficult but they aren’t going to last a real long time either being made entirely of paper. I will try to store them and see what happens. In the meantime we will enjoy these letters every time we walk in our door. We are well on our way to feeling at home in our own house.
What helps you feel at home in your house?



I can feel it happening. That lurking unwanted cloud of depression is near and seemingly ready to pounce. Some folks would say this is the end of our “honeymoon” period after moving. The adrenaline is gone and we are left to survey what we’ve gotten ourselves into. The funny thing is I don’t want to go home. I just want to feel at home where I am. Our surroundings are becoming quickly familiar and we are learning the ropes here and it has been a very positive experience. But for the two outgoing introverts that we are our introvert side is starting to yearn for the comfort of personal familiarity.

I wept through church.

I’m so very tired.

But we press on.

Keep in mind this unexpected ton of bricks dropped on me yesterday morning and, after barely making it through church, my response later that afternoon was to create something. An underlying guilt I have carried for the last couple of weeks is my inability to get something together for my mom’s birthday. It was August 31st. I thought about sending her something that was very “Chicago”. Like the famous Chicago popcorn or chocolates from the local chocolate shop that is gaining fame. When I thought about her though the lyrics to David Crowder’s How He Loves Me song kept finding it’s way into my head. I don’t know if you’ve listened to those lyrics closely recently. If you haven’t look them up and read them. They are mind blowing. If they are true, and I believe them to be, we are loved by a truly merciful and gracious God. The lines that get stuck for me are these…

“He is jealous for me,
Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree,
Bending beneath the wind and weight of His mercy…”

Think on that visual for a moment. The God of the universe being jealous for you…

(That leaves me a bit breathless)

Being a tree in a hurricane…

We’ve all seen footage of hurricanes. I’ve been down to New Orleans and witnessed the aftermath of Katrina a couple years after she blew through. What an all consuming love that is. My mind and heart doesn’t know quite what to do with that. I’m privileged to journey with Him and figure it out.
So, what did I create…
(spoiler alert, mom. This will be in the mail to you tomorrow)




I’ve been writing these words in my sketch book for weeks now trying to find the best treatment for them. Yesterday it came to me and this is the result. I will likely make another to put in my office. I need this reminder. In the midst of everything life throws at us I need to remember this crazy all consuming love that the God of the universe has for me. I need to rest and breath in His presence and peace. I need to believe His plan for me. I need to remember that he sees me. I am not invisible to Him nor are my problems, fears, emotions or personality. And with that I will charge into my week swallowing my doubts and fears and holding on to this simple truth.

“Oh, how He loves me, oh, how He loves me, how he loves me…”

Spring Blooms

Hello friends!

You may recall a few weeks ago I cut some lilac branches out of our yard before they started leafing to do this project I saw on Pinterest.  The branches went crazy (you can read about it here) and then got ugly so I stripped the branches of their ugliness and made some beautiful branches.


First, I must apologize for the photo quality…  I’m trying to remedy my photo issues but it’s a work in progress to say the least!


This branch turned out very well (I also have branches in our bathroom and on my desk).  I tried to put it in a vase but it just felt awkward…  So I tied some jute rope to it and hung it instead.  I so love walking into my kitchen and see its happy blossoms that won’t wilt or fall off.  It’s a no mess flowering branch and I’m in love with them!

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Blooming Branches


Hello friends!  Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day.  Grey is the color of the Northwest right now.  Green is peeking out amongst the trees but I want more color inside.  So, I headed outside and collected a few bare (at the time) lilac branches to do this little project I found on Pinterest.  When I brought the branches inside I went into auto pilot and put the branches in water.  Lo and behold a few days later I had leaf buds!  Who even knew??? (my mom did and she let me know that I had “forced’ the branches, how cool is that!)  I now have a few inches of new growth and darn those little things if they aren’t actually going to bloom!!!  Needless to say I won’t be adding tissue paper flowers just yet.  They will eventually die off and when they do I will have my glue gun at the ready but I have to say I am enjoying the fresh spring green in my house immensely.


So, tell me, how does spring show itself to you?

Christmas in Review

Hello friends! It’s half way through January and I’m just getting to the last of my Christmas posts. Time flies doesn’t it? Well we try to keep Christmas decorations up for as long as possible in our household. The tree is down but I’d like to show you some of the fun that remains.



Using my Cameo I spent quite a bit of time cutting these “joy” words out. I strung some embroidery floss through them and absolutely loved the outcome.




Remember the update to my hutch I did a while back? Well it worked again and the minute I put the fabric up my house immediately had a festive feel to it. The lighted greenery on top is from Costco and it made a fun “crown” of sorts. I added some book-page branches and I will leave this up until I decorate for spring. I think I will keep the white lights on the big branch until they die on me. The light is so pleasant especially in the evenings.

So tell me friends, is Christmas still up at your house?

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Lovely Pendant Light

Hello friends! Now that Christmas is over I can start showing you some of the fun stuff I made for my family. This first item is my favorite. I’ve been wanting to try this technique for a while and had a great reason to this holiday season. I scored some crafting time when my husband took the kids Christmas shopping for my gifts and set up shop. Using a light colored shade with the pendant light fixture from Ikea I cut some white card stock with my Cameo and Mod Podged it to the inside of the shade.


Here is the final result and I am very pleased with it. The “E” is for my cousin Erin to whom this lovely went to. I can’t wait to make more for my own house!


20121230-175143.jpg Thanks for stopping by!