Diaper Cakes

Hello friends!  March is rolling along here and it seems to be a great time for baby showers.  As such I wanted to share two fabulous diaper cakes I made for two lucky new mom’s.

IMG_2198This first one turned out really well but it was HUGE!  It took two boxes of diapers and an assortment of baby care items.  I love projects that make you giddy as you see them come together and this was one of those.

IMG_2375This sweet little guy was considerably smaller but still super cute.  I chose to do a toy theme with one box of diapers.  The fabric on this cake is two over sized receiving blankets secured with safety pins.

IMG_2360This photo shows the way the red polka dot blanket flows down which I thought looked pretty neat.  I was able to tuck the card sans envelope right into the fold.


IMG_2372I created the card on my computer using the Silhouette Cameo software.  By the time I got to this part it had gotten way later than I had anticipated so I avoided doing any fancy cutting and just printed the whole thing.

I’ve had a blast creating these diaper cakes and I hope to have reason to create more.  Did you know you can pretty much create a “cake” out of anything that rolls or can be strapped together?  My mind spins with the wedding possibilities.

So, tell me, what has your creative mind spinning?


Christmas in Review

Hello friends! It’s half way through January and I’m just getting to the last of my Christmas posts. Time flies doesn’t it? Well we try to keep Christmas decorations up for as long as possible in our household. The tree is down but I’d like to show you some of the fun that remains.



Using my Cameo I spent quite a bit of time cutting these “joy” words out. I strung some embroidery floss through them and absolutely loved the outcome.




Remember the update to my hutch I did a while back? Well it worked again and the minute I put the fabric up my house immediately had a festive feel to it. The lighted greenery on top is from Costco and it made a fun “crown” of sorts. I added some book-page branches and I will leave this up until I decorate for spring. I think I will keep the white lights on the big branch until they die on me. The light is so pleasant especially in the evenings.

So tell me friends, is Christmas still up at your house?

Thanks for stopping by!

Lovely Pendant Light

Hello friends! Now that Christmas is over I can start showing you some of the fun stuff I made for my family. This first item is my favorite. I’ve been wanting to try this technique for a while and had a great reason to this holiday season. I scored some crafting time when my husband took the kids Christmas shopping for my gifts and set up shop. Using a light colored shade with the pendant light fixture from Ikea I cut some white card stock with my Cameo and Mod Podged it to the inside of the shade.


Here is the final result and I am very pleased with it. The “E” is for my cousin Erin to whom this lovely went to. I can’t wait to make more for my own house!


20121230-175143.jpg Thanks for stopping by!