Social Media Prizes

Well, let me tell you the month of January has simply flown by.  I am headed full swing into the NW Flower & Garden show with Plantswoman Design Inc.  Tomorrow the crew heads into the Convention Center to start installation of the PWD display garden Terra Cadence: The Rhythm of the Earth.  It will be a sprint to finish on Monday but the PWD crew is experienced and efficient so, even though it can be stressful, they will knock it out of the park for sure.

Among the many items I’ve been working on for the garden show I get to put together a little prize for PWD’s social media followers.  As I talked with Susan we wanted to be able to have quite a few prizes available at minimal cost that supports the goals for the business in the coming year.  Enter Territorial Seed Company…  Susan has ordered seeds for her vegetable garden from Territorial for awhile now and we will be exploring more topics on growing food on her blog this coming year so it seemed like a perfect fit.  One of the great things about the Garden Show is the inspiration you can walk away with.  So, we looked for items that would provide inspiration to PWD followers and decided on lettuce pellets.  Yeah, I know, lettuce pellets doesn’t sound amazing but they are, they really are!  In each little bb sized pellet has a mix of lettuces (like the kind of mixes you find in a bag at your grocery store) that you can put in a pot or the ground and have a lovely spot of fresh lettuce for your dinner table.

Prize Pack suppliesHere’s what I did…  Because the show garden will have birch wood trees so when I saw these birch wood paper straws, from Garnish, I knew they would work perfectly for this project.  I cut them in half and loaded 3 seed pellets a piece into the straws and crimped the end with my finger.  Then I created a little postcard size information card with a message to our followers, contact info, and a web address to Territorial Seed Company for additional information on their seed treasure.  I used some washi tape I found at Paper Source to adhere the straw to the postcard.

Prize Pack finishedThe final result is fabulous!  So now when one of PWD’s loyal online followers say they follow PWD they will get one of these little prizes to enjoy this spring.  Are you headed to the show?  Hop online and like Plantswoman Design and you too can have one of these little treasures.


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