Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day

Hello friends!  It’s been a while since my last post, I hope you all had a fabulous holiday season.  As you may or may not know, I help manage a blog for the Koh-Varilla Guild here in Chicago.  The guild is a husband and wife team of amazing sculptors and it’s been such a privilege to work with them over the past four months or so.  While I was working on their post for MLK day I was so struck by one of their images I just had to share it with you (you can read their whole post HERE).

Dr King Monument 05

This image is part of a series of bas-relief panels that make up the pedestal that supports an 8ft sculpture of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. in his minister’s robes.  As I was editing their post I just had to stop and study this photo.  I’m struck by her presence in this situation (the original photo was taken by Flip Schulke during Dr. King’s funeral).  When I think through what I’ve learned about the Civil Rights Movement and the events surrounding that tumultuous time I don’t think I’ve ever really thought about Mrs. King and the role she had as Dr. King’s wife.  As a pastor’s wife myself I know what it’s like to share my husband with the congregation and I am learning how to support my husband when it starts to feel like the congregation gets the best parts of him and I get the “left overs”.  We are learning how to support each other when there is never enough time or energy to sit down and have a heart to heart conversation.  This takes a large amount of trust which we are learning to give to one another.  Having said all that my heart jumps into my throat and tears to my eyes when I think of being in Mrs. King’s place.  I’ve never had to share my husband with a movement bigger than a building campaign.  I can not even begin to imagine a situation in which I would find myself in her shoes.  So, as we observe Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. day, I remember and am thankful for the pastor’s wives who have stayed the course and gone before me.  For those who stood strong in the face of such adversity and those who are learning how to stand in such unimaginable circumstances.  The next time you see your pastor’s wife be sure to give her a hug, because the truth is she is likely doing a lot to support your church.  Even if she isn’t heading up a committee, sitting in the front row every time her husband preaches or at the church anytime the doors are open, there is a lot going on behind the scenes the general public doesn’t know about.


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