The Joy of a Finished Project

Hello friends!  Today I get to finally show off a website design I’ve been working on for the last couple of months.  We pretty much stripped the old site completely down and rebuilt from the ground up.

PWD Website before

PWD Website after

As I worked through the design process with Susan of Plantswoman Design we really had to establish the purpose of the website and goals for use.  The old site had lots of information but some of it wasn’t really helpful in describing what Susan does or letting her passion for great design and fabulous plants shine through.  It also took some convincing to leave the earthy color palette for the clean feel of the white/gray/blue/green but we made the jump and I feel like the site breaths well and will age well.  I love the consistent look from page to page and am loving weaving it through out the additional collateral we are working on.

I also enjoyed working with Lowell Sannes of Lowell Sannes Photography on the technical development of the site and the team photo shoot was hilarious at times.

I’d love you all to swing by and take a look.  Let me know what you think!


Fall Decor: Wall Letters

Fall has officially made it to Chicago. Or at least I think it has but only living here for a whopping month and a half I’m not really sure. It was 80 last week and now it barely hits 70. I think that counts right? Weather aside fall has hit our house. The other day I asked Emma if our house felt like home and she said no. I wasn’t too surprised due to the number of boxes still hiding in many corners but it did give me some insight into her world. She’s been struggling with being left at school and its been breaking my heart. So this inspired me to help Emma, and all of us really, feel more at home in our house. One of my projects were these fall letters. I used a cutting file by Lori Whitlock and cut everything out while Emma enjoyed some much coveted “office time” with me and finished putting them together through out the night. It wasn’t terribly difficult but they aren’t going to last a real long time either being made entirely of paper. I will try to store them and see what happens. In the meantime we will enjoy these letters every time we walk in our door. We are well on our way to feeling at home in our own house.
What helps you feel at home in your house?