We Have Moved!

Hello friends!  It’s been a loooong time and so much has changed in the last month.  Can you even believe it is September?

Dare I say it?  Four months until Christmas!!!!  Yay!!!  For all you crafty givers out there it is time to start planning and making gifts.  Yayayayaya!  (the Fall season into Christmas has long been my favorite season(s) of all)

But I digress…

I mentioned IMG_4222a lot has changed and it has.  We are officially moved and now residing in Chicago, IL.  We left in early August, made the 2,000 mile drive in nine days, had a pretty good time while we were at it and are now in the process of settling into our new home.  I will have lots to show you in the coming weeks especially around our new home.  It’s been a while since we’ve moved anywhere and the new creative promise of our new place makes me a little giddy.  Among the many positives we have experienced one of my personal favorites is that I actually have an office now.  No joke, a bonafide office.  Technically I share it with my student husband but as you crafters out their know “share an office space” isn’t really in our vocabulary…  Don’t get me wrong, we really do love sharing but craft supplies and their owner really do have a mind of their own.  As I unpacked yet another box of crafty goodness I mentioned to my dear husband that I didn’t know where I was going to put all of my fabric.  He simply looked at me and said “this isn’t really going to be “our” office, is it?”  Sigh…  I’m sorry dear, no it isn’t.  He’s been a good sport about it.  Now that I’m working from home permanently I do need the space and a door to keep little hands out of the goodies.

I am excited for the projects that come out of this little office.  I hope you stay tuned and join in the fun!


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