Sarah’s Wedding

Well, hello hot July weather!!!  I know, I know, it’s terribly cliche to be a north-westerner complaining about hot weather.  I would say I am more astonished by the rarely felt humidity than anything.  We are actually supposed to get thunder storms for goodness sakes.  My husband and I had an evening meeting for which my mother graciously came to kid watch for and let me drive her little Mini to the meeting.  It was amazing!!!  The warm air all around me but in a refreshing way was simply glorious.

My mom and I have been working closely together for the past few months and one of our projects was my childhood friend Sarah’s wedding.  I have two friends in this great world that I can call my oldest friends and she is one of them.  We had a great time talking and dreaming about her wedding and the one thing Sarah knew she wanted was orchids…  green ones.  If you take a look at the Pinterest board we created during our scheming you will see some of the ideas we mulled over.  There are some fabulous ideas out there and I was so glad to have Pinterest to collect all of them for us.

Our job for Sarah’s wedding was to decorate the Ceremony site and put together all of the bridal party flowers.  We also decorated the banister inside heading up to the reception area.  One of the issues that became urgent as we finalized the plan was that orchids are expensive.  Not the stretch-your-budget-a-little-but-that’s-okay expensive but the blow-your-budget-to-smithereens expensive.  Instead of getting all crazy stressed out I started researching ways to accomplish the look we were going for but for a fraction of the cost.  Here are some of the lessons I learned…

  1. Silk orchids can be beautiful and just as stunning as the real thing.  We ended up using silk orchids with live greenery for the bride’s bouquet as well as for all six bridesmaids and live mini orchids for the groom, all six groomsmen and the parent’s boutineers.  I knew we had a winner when I came to the rehearsal with two of the bouquets and the Maid of Honor didn’t realize they were silk.
  2. Work with your suppliers.  I purchased the silk orchids from Hobby Lobby.  When I talked with the floral manager she was able to tell me, in a round about way, when the flowers would go on sale again and that I could get a rain check for any flowers they didn’t have for me.  She then ordered extras for me that I could use my rain check on.  I’ll admit, this did kind of back fire on me a little as the orchids were very popular and was back ordered for a couple weeks.  This didn’t work for me as I needed them the week of but we punted and everything turned out just fine.  For the real orchids I asked lots and lots of questions about how to care for the flowers we purchased so I didn’t kill them before they made their big debut.  (this was a huge worry for me as we wouldn’t be able to get replacements)
  3. Write down your plan.  I had done a pretty good job making sure I had the plan set with the bride but when it came down to actually putting every thing together I had a hard time communicating everything that needed to be done.  This left my mom to her own devices and that was stressful for her.  She may be my mother but we’ve never been able to read each others minds.

All in all I think everything we accomplished looked stunning and there is very little that I would change.  Enjoy the slide show below and let me know what you think!


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