Early June Birthday

Hello friends!  This month seems to be flying by.  If you haven’t heard by now my family is planning a big move to Chicago this fall.  A mere one and a half months away… Yikes!  As a pastor’s family we have a lot of goodbyes to say and people to connect with before we leave.  Leaving a church is different than leaving a “regular” job.  There are so many relationships and people involved in a church and that makes leaving a very delicate task.  One of the amazing people that is helping us through this transition is my husband’s partner in crime, Ruby.  Her birthday falls in early June.  In fact, when we found out that our son’s due date was June 3rd she, and a few others, began campaigning for him to be born on their birthday.  It didn’t really work, he was born May 29th but it was fun anyway.  As I was looking for light bulb images for the graduation cards I came across this lovely set of pendent lamps.  I love their vintage feel.  Here is how the final card turned out.  Enjoy!



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