Dad’s Birthday Card

Hello friends!  The month of May brings with it four family birthdays.  First is our cousin, Alana then my father-in-law, Brian, followed by my husband, Jeff, and last but certainly not least is my son, Finn.  Today I wanted to share with you the card I made for my father-in-law.  I wouldn’t be the first and am certainly not the last to say that gifts for the head of my husbands family are kind of hard to think of.  He’s so blasted content with life and family that when asked he kind of shrugs his shoulders and says “oh, I don’t know…”  I love the conundrum though.  To be so content with life you don’t really need or want anything more.  The best gift for him seems to be simply being with him as a family.  So, that’s what we do.  For some reason I decided to go with facial hair for his card this round.  Mustaches are everywhere these days and I’ve been looking for ways to use them and a card for my F-i-L seemed to fit the bill.  Enjoy!



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