Hobby Lobby Overload

Hello friends!  We recently had a new Hobby Lobby open in our neck of the woods.  I had heard of Hobby Lobby but had never been to one until last week.  Oh-my-GOODNESS!!!  Where has this store been all my life.  It’s a good thing we are moving soon otherwise I might have to get a part-time job just to fund my addiction.  I did look to see if there were Hobby Lobby stores in Chicago and there are.  Thankfully they look to be quite a ways away from our new neighborhood so I’ll take that as a blessing in disguise.  Here is a little peak at what I would have been tempted with had I $200 in my pocket…


Oh, this clock!  It has a cool vintage feel and is so unique.  I haven’t ever seen one like it.


We are in sore need of clocks in our house.  The only visible clock is on the microwave and that’s around the corner so it’s not terribly convenient.  Again, it’s been a long time (if ever) that I’ve seen this kind of cool vintage pocket watch inspired wall clocks.


It’s been about three years that I’ve been looking for a faceless clock.  What I want to with it is make my own numbers out of framed photos of my family and have the clock be the center of a sort of sprawling collection of photos.  Kind of a play on words marking the passage of time.  To date I have not been able to find the elusive clock in the US (lots of them in the UK funnily enough) until now.  Hee hee hee…  I believe this will be on my birthday list.  🙂


And last but not least, a two foot metal princess crown.  My little girl would have fallen over herself to have this in her room.  I will be keeping this in mind for her new room.

There was lots and lots more to see but alas I did have a finite amount of time and a little boy who needed to run and play outside after three days of being sick.  So, have you been to Hobby Lobby?  What was your favorite find?


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