A Week of Cards 3

Hello friends! I hope your week is coming along well. Continuing with our Week of Cards series I have another Thank You card for you today. A lovely friend of mine surprised me with a gift card to my favorite gluten-free bakery, Hayley’s, and I was just floored. I tend to be a bit of a sugar hound especially when I’m stressed and Hayley’s has the most delicious carrot cake ever and I love that I can now go and grab a slice with out having to think about our family food budget. To start out with, I’m a big fan of brackets. I’ve stared at them on my computer key boards since I learned how to type but never had a reason to use them (I’m not even sure I know when I’m supposed to use them). So, using them in crafting has been fun for me. This card uses the bracket as the end of the flap. I cut the front flap to be almost the size of my 5×7 card and then printed and cut the label. I inked the edges and adhered the flap to the card. I had a bit of trouble using the print and cut feature of the Cameo this round but I kept working at it and it came out just fine.



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