Blooming Branches


Hello friends!  Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day.  Grey is the color of the Northwest right now.  Green is peeking out amongst the trees but I want more color inside.  So, I headed outside and collected a few bare (at the time) lilac branches to do this little project I found on Pinterest.  When I brought the branches inside I went into auto pilot and put the branches in water.  Lo and behold a few days later I had leaf buds!  Who even knew??? (my mom did and she let me know that I had “forced’ the branches, how cool is that!)  I now have a few inches of new growth and darn those little things if they aren’t actually going to bloom!!!  Needless to say I won’t be adding tissue paper flowers just yet.  They will eventually die off and when they do I will have my glue gun at the ready but I have to say I am enjoying the fresh spring green in my house immensely.


So, tell me, how does spring show itself to you?


Diaper Cakes

Hello friends!  March is rolling along here and it seems to be a great time for baby showers.  As such I wanted to share two fabulous diaper cakes I made for two lucky new mom’s.

IMG_2198This first one turned out really well but it was HUGE!  It took two boxes of diapers and an assortment of baby care items.  I love projects that make you giddy as you see them come together and this was one of those.

IMG_2375This sweet little guy was considerably smaller but still super cute.  I chose to do a toy theme with one box of diapers.  The fabric on this cake is two over sized receiving blankets secured with safety pins.

IMG_2360This photo shows the way the red polka dot blanket flows down which I thought looked pretty neat.  I was able to tuck the card sans envelope right into the fold.


IMG_2372I created the card on my computer using the Silhouette Cameo software.  By the time I got to this part it had gotten way later than I had anticipated so I avoided doing any fancy cutting and just printed the whole thing.

I’ve had a blast creating these diaper cakes and I hope to have reason to create more.  Did you know you can pretty much create a “cake” out of anything that rolls or can be strapped together?  My mind spins with the wedding possibilities.

So, tell me, what has your creative mind spinning?

Homemade “Smash” Book

Hello friends!  How is the spring treating you?  Here in the Northwest it is early and lovely.  A little damp but we got our hour of daylight back and it’s like a shot of caffeine for my evenings.  I love it!

The other day I had a few minutes to kill in Tacoma so I thought I’d see if I could get a few supplies for some up coming projects I wanted to work on.  This, as it turns out, was an EPIC fail.  Did I go home empty handed though?  Nope.  I got distracted by a Smash Book display in Michael’s.  Now, I’ve seen Smash Book products here and there but thought they were a little too much for my creative brain to handle in a journal.  For some reason this display seemed to make it all click for me.  I have what seems like a billion places where I put little scraps of paper or random notes on something and I can NEVER find them when I want them.  I needed a place where I could put those things but I wanted it to be pretty and useful.  This is what I bought that day…

IMG_2331This tape gun seemed a bit over the top when I bought it but I LOVE IT!  A few folks I know recommended it and I am so glad they did.  It is now my “go to” for adhesive.  Two things I can’t get enough of right now?  Baker’s twine and paper tape or Washi tape.  Turns out Michael’s has quite a selection of Washi tape for a good price.  I’ll be back to get more I’m sure.  Then there is an assortment of Smash brand and non-Smash brand journal items.

Time to create…


IMG_2473Today I wanted to chronicle the crazy day we had.  We got to visit the fire station with Emma’s pre-school class first thing this morning to wrap up a unit on fire safety.  Emma hasn’t been to crazy about the whole fire safety thing in the first place and a visit to the fire station about put us over the edge.  You might be able to read my note on the lower left of the second photo, Emma’s teacher helped me pry her out of our car and between the two of us we wrangled my two kiddos.  Finn LOVED the whole experience especially the fire fighter in full bunker gear.  Emma missed that part hiding behind me which is exactly what you’re not supposed to do when the firemen come to rescue you from a burning building.  Sigh…  I’m praying we aren’t slated for such an event in the near future.

Now that I have a page done I think I might be a big fan of this style of journaling/scrapbooking/recording life as it happens.  I’m using a “naked binder” that I got from Paper Source a while back, however they do still have them, and some regular old page protectors.  Something I noticed as I was hand writing my comments… paper doesn’t have spell check.  So, I guess I’m a little reliant on that tell tale red line that appears in my electronic correspondence but oh well.  Life goes on and that’s what this journal is about anyway, right?  The other thing I noticed as I was completing my page… my table isn’t a mess.  I don’t have a crafting disaster in my kitchen and when my husband got home he didn’t even notice I’d been up to anything.  This is relationship gold here!

So tell me, what are you doing to capture your life’s moments?