Can You Hear Me Now?

Hello friends!  Recently I’ve been trying to go mobile with my blog (i.e. trying a mobile app to let me post whenever I have a free minute from wherever I may happen to be when that moment strikes).  It’s been giving me troubles.  So, this short and sweet little post is to make sure my peeps out there on the inter-webs (as my husband so fondly calls it) can find me and see my updates on Facebook and the like.  If you have a moment would you give me a quick shout out?

Thanks, you guys are the best!!


Pre-school Valentine’s


Hello friends! I hope you had a suitable valentines day. With a pre-schooler in the house valentines day is a very fun occasion. I was really excited to make our valentines this year because I thought Emma would have a good time helping. As it turns out she was quite fine letting me do it on my own. It will come as no surprise to you, I’m sure, that I pulled out my trusty Silhouette Cameo and started creating. I used the ‘print and cut’ feature this time. The Cameo doesn’t have ink cartridges so once you’ve created your art work (and checked your cut lines) you send the file to your printer first and then run it through the Cameo for cutting. After I assembled all of the boxes Emma and I baked two sugar cookies for each ‘carton’ complete with valentine sprinkles. We topped the whole thing off with some peppermint Devine Twine and a strawberry milk straw and we were done! The full process took about 4-5 hours over about a week bit most of that was waiting for the Cameo to cut the files and baking cookies.

So, tell me friends, did you create something for your Valentine? Do share!