The Last of the Gifts

Hello friends! How are you enjoying the end of January? Things are going well for my brood. I wanted to share the gifts I made for my and my husbands parents this past Christmas. The age old adage “what do you get for the person that has everything” plays out often when I am thinking of what to do for our parents when it comes to gift giving. I’ve taken to giving photos over the last few occasions. This year I went through my photos and picked out a photo for each side that was special from the last year. In both cases the photos were from our summer vacation time spent with each family.




This photo is of three generations of women in my family when we biked/hiked to the upper Sol Duc river. I hadn’t personally been up that far before and it was beautiful and so peaceful. There were many photos of this time and I am thinking of ways to document the fun. It will most likely be a photo book or album but I haven’t decided. It is hard to get all of us together let alone get away and outside so this is a photo that is near and dear to my heart and my mom appreciated it as well.




This photo is with my husbands family out on the Peninsula. We spent a few days with them at the Yurt while poppa was on a youth trip. It was quite a trip to remember as Finny came down with a 103.4 temp that resulted in a trip to urgent care and Emma came down with the stomach flu a couple days later while we were at G-ma’s house. She threw up spaghetti all over G-ma’s white couch. By the time poppa came home this momma’s nerves were a bit frayed. But I do have this wonderful photo of the calm before the storm.

So tell me friends, what is your favorite photo(s) from the last year and what are you doing to make sure you are enjoying them outside the confines of your computer or phone?


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