Our Family Advent Season

Hello friends! We are almost to Christmas, can you even believe it? It’s amazing how fast it comes after waiting for it all year. One way I feel like I can slow things down is by having an advent calendar. I love the idea of an advent calendar so much I really wanted to make one for my family that would stay with us for the rest of my kids growing up years. Last year I tried having little boxes for each day and scripture etc but it just didn’t come together and it took up a lot of space. I found a great fabric advent calendar on pinterest that I fashioned this years try one. In an effort of full disclosure I could not find the link to this idea when I looked for it this year and I’m so sorry about that. The person who did this originally should get mad props for it.

And here it is! I’m so sorry for the photo quality it really doesn’t do this project justice. It just didn’t work out.

I may do a tutorial on this later but here are some tidbits to my process. I drew all the characters on paper then use those paper patterns to cut them out. I used felt as a base and then layered each section of the character with fabric I had in my stash using hot glue.


Here a few “in process” photos.






And there you have it. We’ve really enjoyed it so far. I still need to work on the overall support structure for the whole piece and if you are interested we are using a scripture reading plan called Countdown to Christmas as posted on YouVersion.

So friends, are you advent calendar people? How do you countdown to christmas?

Thanks for stopping by!


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