Lovely Pendant Light

Hello friends! Now that Christmas is over I can start showing you some of the fun stuff I made for my family. This first item is my favorite. I’ve been wanting to try this technique for a while and had a great reason to this holiday season. I scored some crafting time when my husband took the kids Christmas shopping for my gifts and set up shop. Using a light colored shade with the pendant light fixture from Ikea I cut some white card stock with my Cameo and Mod Podged it to the inside of the shade.


Here is the final result and I am very pleased with it. The “E” is for my cousin Erin to whom this lovely went to. I can’t wait to make more for my own house!


20121230-175143.jpg Thanks for stopping by!


Brown PaperPackages

Hello Friends!!! I trust you all had a fabulous Christmas celebration with those you love. We had a great time with friends and family welcoming home two of our brothers for some much deserved R&R from Afghanistan.

I have been enjoying using Devine Twine lately and my Christmas wrapping was so much more festive with the addition of peppermint Devine Twine and some paper tape from Target.

Emma helped me wrap and put this little shout out to Divine Twine.

I’m just loving my Silhoette Cameo, it fits my creative style so much better than the other cutting machine I had. I used the print and cut feature to make my gift tags this year. They went very well with the brown paper and peppermint twine.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday! What are you doing for New Years?

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Our Family Advent Season

Hello friends! We are almost to Christmas, can you even believe it? It’s amazing how fast it comes after waiting for it all year. One way I feel like I can slow things down is by having an advent calendar. I love the idea of an advent calendar so much I really wanted to make one for my family that would stay with us for the rest of my kids growing up years. Last year I tried having little boxes for each day and scripture etc but it just didn’t come together and it took up a lot of space. I found a great fabric advent calendar on pinterest that I fashioned this years try one. In an effort of full disclosure I could not find the link to this idea when I looked for it this year and I’m so sorry about that. The person who did this originally should get mad props for it.

And here it is! I’m so sorry for the photo quality it really doesn’t do this project justice. It just didn’t work out.

I may do a tutorial on this later but here are some tidbits to my process. I drew all the characters on paper then use those paper patterns to cut them out. I used felt as a base and then layered each section of the character with fabric I had in my stash using hot glue.


Here a few “in process” photos.






And there you have it. We’ve really enjoyed it so far. I still need to work on the overall support structure for the whole piece and if you are interested we are using a scripture reading plan called Countdown to Christmas as posted on YouVersion.

So friends, are you advent calendar people? How do you countdown to christmas?

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A Gift Card Twist

Hello friends! How is your holiday season going? Our family is in full holiday mode and I’m loving it!!! We have quite a few birthdays in December in our family, one of them being my husband’s cousin. I’m not sure how it started but we have a little tradition of finding unique ways of giving our cousin his gift. Last year he wanted money toward an iPad. We were all to happy to oblige however we couldn’t just give him $20 in a nice neat bill we wanted to mess with him a bit. So, I got two rolls of quarters and used packing tape to tape them to the inside of a fairly large diaper box we had just emptied. I wrapped the whole thing up with a pretty little bow and card. When he opened it I thought he was going to fall over. It took him a minute of looking into the “empty” box to figure out what the gift was. Then he saw it and we all had a fit of laughter as he peeled each strip of tape off and counted his quarters. Good times!

This year is no different. After talking to our Aunt I bought an iTunes gift card and 4 boxes of nerds. Yup, I couldn’t just give him a boring old gift card, I had to mess with him a little.


Using my Sillhoette Cameo and a pillow box shape from Lori Whitlock
I made a small pillow box, filled it with nerds and burrows the gift card as far down as I could in the nerds and securely tied it off. When he opened it our cousin burst out laughing right away. After he showed everyone he found the card and we all had a good laugh.

So what are you working on? Who are you messing with this season?:)

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Giving Thanks

Hello friends!  I know, I’m a little behind the ball on the whole giving thanks thing but better late than never right?  I’ve been enjoying my “Give Thanks” banner in my house since September.  In thinking of my fall decorations I really wanted to focus on wrapping fall and the Thanksgiving holiday in together.  I don’t have a lot of time to redecorate all the time so my decor has to last.  Yes, I am one of those people that still has holiday decorations up past Valentine’s day.


One of my most favorite items that came with our house when we bought it is the branch and draperies above the picture window in the living room.  There is no end to the items I can and have put on that branch.  Banners have caught my imagination lately and this window loves them.


For this project I went to the red tag section of Joann’s to find any neutral fabric I could find.  Because I never intend to wash or treat the fabric it really doesn’t matter what kind of fabric I choose here, just some that I like.  They had some cream upholstery fabric on sale for $8/yd so I grabbed a yard and a roll of jute and headed home.  I cut some paper samples first and pinned them up on my branch to get the scale right and then, using my rotary cutter, went to town cutting out my triangles.  I had brown paint already so I borrowed an angled paint brush from my daughters Crayola set and painted the letters one by one and dragged the edges of each piece through the paint to “seal” the edges.  The ends curl a bit but I really love the finished result.  I added the white twinkle lights in November for some extra light in that area of the room and I think they will stay there forever.

I am so thankful for this time in my life, albeit a little crazy.  I hope you and your family had a fabulous Thanksgiving celebration.  Do tell me, what Christmas projects are you working on???

Until next time, thanks for stopping by