A Little Encouragement

Hello friends!  I hope this week finds you warm and cozy somewhere with people you enjoy.  I’ve been trying to make writing to friends and family more of a priority these days.  I treasure the handwritten notes that get sent my way.  Emma and I race to get the mail everyday and during birthday season there is often a brightly colored envelope in there for a member of our family.  But when birthday season is over those little rays of sunshine are sadly absent.  So, I did a little thinking…  If I want to receive mail I need to send mail right?  At least that’s my theory at this moment.  As such I’ve actually gotten responses to the little rays of sunshine I’ve sent out.  One friend in particular shared with me her struggle in seeing God’s work through her prayers.  After about a week of praying on how I could encourage her I kept coming back to the image of a watchman.  Way back when before all of our cool technology someone had to physically keep watch.  Whether it be at the city walls or in a watch tower someone was the watchman and his job was to keep an eye on things as the inhabitants of the city went about there daily lives.  I know there are still places these days which require a physical watchman and I imagine it is a fairly solitary job that many are not aware of until it’s gone.  I think this is the same with prayer.  We may pray but never see the answer or fruit of our faithful prayers but still we pray.  It is with that thought I created this little reminder card.  I now have one on my mirror at home and hope it encourages my friend as much as it does me.


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