Stationary Fun

Hello friends and Happy October!  It’s been a while since my last post but I have been a busy bee.  Today I thought I would share with you some of my stationary adventures of late. I am a big fan of mail and finding cute stationary is not hard to find.  Making cute stationary is even better!

Here are some of my favorites using my letterpress tool…

Thinking Of You

I’m a big fan of flat cards.  On this card I used an A7 flat card (5×7) with envelope.  You cold write a quick note between the text and lower design or fill up the back with a lengthier note.

Bird Cage

Perfect for a quick “hello” this is an A2 flat card (4.25×5.5) and envelope.  I’ve been really enjoying the super saturated and rich color palette available in envelopes lately.


One can never have too many thank you cards.  This little guy is also an A2 flat card.

Here is another A2 thank you note.

I’ve used a “blind emboss” on this card which uses the letterpress plate image with out ink.  When I don’t have the ink color I want I use a blind emboss, it’s like the color black, it goes with everything!

All of these designs make me happy and are in my stash that I send to real people.  Because I rarely have time to sit down and make a card when I actually need one so when I do sit down and make cards I don’t make just one.  I make at least five to make sure I have some on hand for later.

So, friend, when is the last time you sent a little note to someone?  Do you even have stamps in your home?  I challenge you to send a note to someone this week!  Send someone a little ray of sunshine and give them a reason to look forward to getting mail.


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