Princess Party!

Embellished Cupcakes

Hello friends!  Well, my little girl is four years old.  Four…  She is fast loosing her baby girl and becoming my big girl and everyday we discover more and more things she can do on her own that she couldn’t a few short months ago.  She can even get her own cereal and milk in the morning with out spilling too much.  Add to that the fact that my baby boy can now drink out of a cup on his own as of last night I may go  into some serious life-is-moving-way-to-fast shock here soon.  Le sigh…

But I digress…

Emma’s party was a hoot!  We had a handful of friends, two play houses, a face painter, a good amount of silly string and fun was had by all.  I really did have bigger plans for the party but things got crazy and many of those ideas didn’t come to fruition.  Here are a couple of highlights for you…

First of all I must say every year since Emma was born her birthday was sunny so we have always spent time outside.  This year was no different except for the mini anxiety attack I had while I put out balloons and my good white table cloth out in the back yard in the drizzle…  Yup, we woke up to clouds and drizzle.  After checking the forecast I went along as planned and set up in the back yard.  Luckily the forecast was correct this time and the rain moved on before the party started.

Emma's fabulous "new" face.

I am so thankful to my friend Christina (known to my kiddos as Aunt Christina) for coming down to face paint.  It really made the party special for Emma and her friends.  I mean, how fabulous does Emma’s face look???

Things I learned.  Walmart cupcakes embellished with little tiaras and monsters (for the boys) from the dollar bin turned out to be a great shortcut.  Balloons and a little crepe-paper may be a classic but they still go a long way for the money.  The dollar store is a fun place to let a little girl go crazy in and they have fun glow stick wands that the kids really got a kick out of.

So, fourth birthday party for Emma was a success and the countdown continues…  School starts (check), Emma’s birthday (check), pumpkin carving, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas tree hunting, Christmas, New Years and then onto another year.  Whew!  Funny how the end of the year just slips away.

How do you count down the end of the year?

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!


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