Apples to Apples

Hello Friends!  We got’s our selves some apples!  A friend of ours heads back to the east side of the mountains a couple times each year and let’s us know when he’s going in case we want any produce from the growers over there.  We asked for apples.

Ginger Golds, Gravenstiens, and Gala Apples

Last year we got two boxes of apples and split them with my in-laws.  We made applesauce and fell-in-love.  I’m not sure that batch lasted through October.  So, this year we asked for three boxes and didn’t share.  During the Labor Day weekend we headed over to Jeff’s family’s house and got to work!

Magic in the making…

If you are so inclined as we are to make large quantities of applesauce you may want to take a gander at this little baby.  We had our peelers and knives all packed and ready to go and Aunt Kathi brings out her apple corer/peeler/slicer thingy.  I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical but after three apples we were sold!  We got through all three boxes of apples in no time.  We were going so fast we bagged two batches of apples to make when we got home.  We may be in the market for one of these bad boys for next year.

All said and done we ended up with 16 quarts of applesauce canned and ready for eating.  I opened our first jar last week for the classic pork chop and apples dinner.  Delicious!!!  Nothing better than some homemade applesauce.

So, dear friends, what do you love that is way better when it is homemade?

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!


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