A Different Way to Love Books

Hello Friends!  Our fall schedule is now in full swing with pre-school, bible study and trips to grandma’s house.  It seems fitting that I’ve been really intrigued lately by how folks are using book pages to decorate with.  (bibliophiles now would be a good time to look away) With my new found inspiration I headed down to my St Vincent’s to look for a suitable book.  I ended up with a copy of The Development of Civilization for $2 and have been having a grand ole time creating with it one page at a time, 532 of them to be exact.  My first creations were book page flowers.

I used them to adorn this red frame that I’ve been at a loss of what to do with since last Christmas.  I think this is a very fitting start.

Earlier I told you about the little Happy I made my Mom for her birthday.  This is it.  A little grapevine wreath with a few book page flowers.  (please ignore the crafty mess in the back ground.  My MO for crafting is a bit messy and thankfully I am blessed with an incredibly patient husband)  I inked the edges of these flowers to give them a bit more definition and liked it tremendously.  The rest of the flowers I’ve made all have inked edges now.  I also made a larger wreath with more flowers on it to hang above my “mantle” (more about that later).

My next project for my copy of The Development of Civilization is a book page garland for my window branch and some book page frames.  I’ve got a little girl’s 4th birthday party to plan and a mini kitchen command center to finish before I get to my branch but I am excited about the possibilities!!!

So, friend, tell me what would you do with a copy of The Development of Civilization?

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!


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