Diaper Distraction

Hello friends!  It’s been a crazy week to say the least.  We had a lovely Labor Day weekend with the fam.  We celebrated my Mom’s birthday (I will be posting about the little happy I made her) and visited with some old friends then headed over to my Hubby’s family and processed enough apples to make 16 quarts of applesauce (post to come on this as well).  Recently, I’ve been thinking through our family budget and hating that at least once a month I’ve had to buy a box of diapers for at least one of our kids.  $40+ can be a major hit on a weekly food budget so I started to look for alternatives.  To make a long story short I decided to try out cloth diapers.  To date I am in it $75 and I have diapers for both my kids bums and supplies to make more.  Yup, I said “make”.  It isn’t as difficult as one might think.  The rubber hit the road when I decided I wasn’t going to buy another box of diapers and then miscounted how many I had left to cover poor Finny’s behind.  So, I’ve been a sewing fiend this last week and I’m not quite finished but finished enough to slow my pace.  Overall the switch to cloth diapers and my ability to make said diapers has been a success.  We’ve been in homemade diapers for two days now and every time I change a diaper I have a sense of pride and happiness at what I am able to accomplish.  Here are a few photos of my accomplishment…

Round 1: Thanks to “baby” Gracie for modeling.

Not too bad for a first try.  Decided I was not a fan of the Fold Over Elastic (FOE) as it didn’t gather to my satisfaction around the legs and across the back and it isn’t very cost effective… on to Round 2!

Round 2: Emma’s night time diaper.

This one is a winner and has done fairly well for two nights.  It does leak a bit and I’m not too sad about it.  Yes, I’m doing more laundry but she is becoming more aware of her body and thus moving along in her ability and development.

Round 3: First diaper for the Finnemonster

Complete with “gussets” (before this I did not know what a gusset was but I think I’m becoming a fan) this is Finn’s nighttime diaper from which we have had no leaks.  We are on night #2.

Success! Three diapers down and I am one mean, lean, diaper making Mama

We now have three diapers to use with pre-fold cloth diapers or “soakers” which I have also made but did not photograph.  I suppose to use the term “diaper” in this way would be incorrect…  These are diaper covers which are a moisture resistant layer cover over an absorbent layer.

Since there are many opinions on the subject of cloth diapering I am not even going to attempt a go at approving or denying any of them.  If you would like more information on my family’s journey to cloth please leave a comment below, I’d love to chat!

Thank you for hanging in there with me today.  Crafting comes in all shapes and sizes and this past week my craft has been diaper shaped.  So, tell me friend, what have you made or wished you could have made to save a little time, money, sanity…?

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!



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