That’s One Fabulous Hutch

Hello friends and happy Wednesday! I’ve been a busy little bee and am so excited to share my latest creation with you. Meet my hutch…

We added this hutch to our family a few weeks before Emma turned one during a serious storage crisis. Lately I’ve been feeling like it feels a little bland. In fact I feel like my whole house feels a little bland. Just big blocks of color and no pattern. Our couch came with six throw pillows that are the exact same color as the couch and I’ve done nothing with them. Who needs six, well there are only four now due to an unfortunate run-in with some puck-lights we had near our bed… Who needs four identical brown pillows in there house??? No one. Thus my mission… Add more color and pattern to my home. My first conquest is my bland white hutch…

Drum roll please……

Here is my “new” not so bland white hutch!

I am in love with my “new” hutch. This fix was pretty straight forward and required no sewing at all. I found the fabric in the home decor section of Joann Fabrics. After measuring the back panel of my hutch I cut my fabric to size giving a one inch clearance on each sides. Then I folded over the one inch sides and ironed them down to form a sort of hem. This is the part that makes me feel really clever… I used self-stick Velcro to adhere my fabric to the back panel! Place the first part of the Velcro in the corners of the hutch then attach the second side to the first with out the fabric. Then, line up your fabric starting in the middle of the hutch and press the fabric onto the exposed sticky part of the Velcro. I started by putting Velcro in all four corners but found I didn’t need them on the lower corners as my fabric hung nicely. I put extra Velcro in the upper middle to remove the extra slack that was sagging. By using Velcro, instead of some other method, you are able to easily change your pattern as you wish. Perhaps with the seasons? I’m a big fan of flexibility in design and this little trick fits the bill well.

I used this opportunity to reorganize the shelves and make it look like we put some thought and effort into the items on the shelves instead of it being just a catch-all for all the random stuff that comes through our house.

This hutch makes me happy… I am very pleased that so little effort produced such amazing results. I have a glass paneled buffet cabinet that serves as our entertainment center that is next in line for this little fabric trick. I’ll post the results when they come in.

So, what in your house needs a little bit of a shake up?

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!


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