Blueberry Heaven


Happy Monday everyone!!!

Last week the kids and I had a chance to go blueberry picking at my cousins house. I will admit, I wasn’t thinking we would get that much but I’ve been wanting to pick blueberries with the kids for the last few years so I jumped at the chance. Three buckets and a few cranky kids later we were done. My mom and cousin picked most of what we took home and I’m so grateful otherwise we would not have come home with much. With my oldest missing the bucket more often than not and my youngest camped out next to the bucket eating them faster than they went in we didn’t make very fast progress. We came home with two of the three buckets and once I was done washing, drying and packing the berries I took stock and we have 29 cups of berries!!! I chose to freeze the lot in quart size freezer bags. Two cups per bag fit very nicely and is a good measurement for how I think our family will use them.

I have many fond memories of eating frozen blueberries throughout the year. As my mother will attest we never liked picking them but boy did we like eating them. My mom’s specialty was blueberry muffins and it seemed fitting that the first thing we made with our berries was in fact blueberry muffins. Because of my issues with gluten I couldn’t use my mom’s tried and true recipe as written so we found a recipe that used coconut flour instead. Let me be the first to tell you, coconut flour is crazy stuff.  It is more absorbent than it looks and we were skeptical when the recipe called for crazy amount of eggs and a scant amount of coconut flour.  When my husband mixed the batter he laughed and said “whoa, science just happened there”.  They sure weren’t what I remembered but such is the life in a gluten free world. I’d post a photo of them however I didn’t move fast enough and they were gone before I knew it. So, I guess they weren’t terrible by any stretch of the imagination. Since I have so many blueberries I will happily keep trying gluten free recipes until I find one that more closely resembles my childhood memories.

So, tell me friend, what are you picking, gathering, collecting in these last precious days of summer? What are you going to with your bounty?

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!


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