Experimenting with Calligraphy

For my birthday I asked for very specific crafty items to which my family responded with slight confusion.  The upshot of that is they pretty much all gave me money to spend on said crafty items and then some.  It has been my sublime pleasure to slowly spend this money over the last two months.  As I’ve been hording my Joann coupons I’ve been trying to find something that I wanted that wasn’t on sale already (and that is the trick with Joann’s and it’s a lovely problem for a girl like me to have).  I’ve been intrigued with calligraphy lately and now I have a nifty little set to play with.


This fun little set spent the weekend burning a whole in my bag as I failed over and over again to find time to play with it.  This afternoon, however, was different.  Both kids were snug in their beds and the house was not a disaster zone so I spent this precious time finishing the movie Julie & Julia that I started last night and testing my calligraphy skills.


As is my usual MO for anything that involves ink I made a mess of my hands.  It was about this time that the natives began stirring so my first adventure in the world of calligraphy came to an end.  I will be back however to try out some thoughts and ideas I have for Christmas cards and displaying the scriptures that I need to see everyday.  Stay tuned as these thoughts and projects materialize.  I sense great promise.

Thanks for stopping by!


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