That’s One Fabulous Hutch

Hello friends and happy Wednesday! I’ve been a busy little bee and am so excited to share my latest creation with you. Meet my hutch…

We added this hutch to our family a few weeks before Emma turned one during a serious storage crisis. Lately I’ve been feeling like it feels a little bland. In fact I feel like my whole house feels a little bland. Just big blocks of color and no pattern. Our couch came with six throw pillows that are the exact same color as the couch and I’ve done nothing with them. Who needs six, well there are only four now due to an unfortunate run-in with some puck-lights we had near our bed… Who needs four identical brown pillows in there house??? No one. Thus my mission… Add more color and pattern to my home. My first conquest is my bland white hutch…

Drum roll please……

Here is my “new” not so bland white hutch!

I am in love with my “new” hutch. This fix was pretty straight forward and required no sewing at all. I found the fabric in the home decor section of Joann Fabrics. After measuring the back panel of my hutch I cut my fabric to size giving a one inch clearance on each sides. Then I folded over the one inch sides and ironed them down to form a sort of hem. This is the part that makes me feel really clever… I used self-stick Velcro to adhere my fabric to the back panel! Place the first part of the Velcro in the corners of the hutch then attach the second side to the first with out the fabric. Then, line up your fabric starting in the middle of the hutch and press the fabric onto the exposed sticky part of the Velcro. I started by putting Velcro in all four corners but found I didn’t need them on the lower corners as my fabric hung nicely. I put extra Velcro in the upper middle to remove the extra slack that was sagging. By using Velcro, instead of some other method, you are able to easily change your pattern as you wish. Perhaps with the seasons? I’m a big fan of flexibility in design and this little trick fits the bill well.

I used this opportunity to reorganize the shelves and make it look like we put some thought and effort into the items on the shelves instead of it being just a catch-all for all the random stuff that comes through our house.

This hutch makes me happy… I am very pleased that so little effort produced such amazing results. I have a glass paneled buffet cabinet that serves as our entertainment center that is next in line for this little fabric trick. I’ll post the results when they come in.

So, what in your house needs a little bit of a shake up?

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!


Blueberry Heaven


Happy Monday everyone!!!

Last week the kids and I had a chance to go blueberry picking at my cousins house. I will admit, I wasn’t thinking we would get that much but I’ve been wanting to pick blueberries with the kids for the last few years so I jumped at the chance. Three buckets and a few cranky kids later we were done. My mom and cousin picked most of what we took home and I’m so grateful otherwise we would not have come home with much. With my oldest missing the bucket more often than not and my youngest camped out next to the bucket eating them faster than they went in we didn’t make very fast progress. We came home with two of the three buckets and once I was done washing, drying and packing the berries I took stock and we have 29 cups of berries!!! I chose to freeze the lot in quart size freezer bags. Two cups per bag fit very nicely and is a good measurement for how I think our family will use them.

I have many fond memories of eating frozen blueberries throughout the year. As my mother will attest we never liked picking them but boy did we like eating them. My mom’s specialty was blueberry muffins and it seemed fitting that the first thing we made with our berries was in fact blueberry muffins. Because of my issues with gluten I couldn’t use my mom’s tried and true recipe as written so we found a recipe that used coconut flour instead. Let me be the first to tell you, coconut flour is crazy stuff.  It is more absorbent than it looks and we were skeptical when the recipe called for crazy amount of eggs and a scant amount of coconut flour.  When my husband mixed the batter he laughed and said “whoa, science just happened there”.  They sure weren’t what I remembered but such is the life in a gluten free world. I’d post a photo of them however I didn’t move fast enough and they were gone before I knew it. So, I guess they weren’t terrible by any stretch of the imagination. Since I have so many blueberries I will happily keep trying gluten free recipes until I find one that more closely resembles my childhood memories.

So, tell me friend, what are you picking, gathering, collecting in these last precious days of summer? What are you going to with your bounty?

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!

A Home Grown Wedding

My Aunt was married this past July at my Mother’s home.  I had the privilege of helping with the decorations.  Weddings can get out of hand sometimes and I really loved my Aunt’s only boundary… keep it simple.  Simple.  As my Mom and I talked about decorations a lovely and elegant, yet simple, plan emerged and it worked beautifully!

Reception Table

The reception tables were the first project we handled.  We decided to go with brown paper and a soft Hawaiian print fabric my mom had on hand.  We literally borrowed everything!!!  And, thanks to my mom’s fabulous gardens, we only had to wander through the pathways and pick the flowers we wanted.  Who says weddings have to be crazy expensive…

The food tables were a personal favorite of mine.  With the subtle Hawaiian theme we had I thought how perfect it would be to use sand on the tables.  When I started pouring the sand on the tables I wasn’t quite sure how well it would clean up but when clean up time came it wasn’t an issue at all.  We just picked up the paper and funneled the sand back into the bag.

Instead of a traditional wedding cake there was a dessert buffet.  Lots of delicious deserts to choose from each one more delicious than the last.  Yum!  We used a variety of cake stands to give the table height and interest.

To help label each desert I used my Epic 6 machine and letterpress plates from Lifestyle Crafts to make these cute little name tents.  Instead of using actual letterpress ink {which if you read my calligraphy post you will understand my personal mess factor here} I used stamping ink which gives the impressions a bit of a more rustic feel.

Down at the ceremony site I placed three large glass cylinders with candles, beach glass and shells along the edge of the pond.  Even though we didn’t really need the candle light it was a nice soft touch.

At the end of the day I was and am really pleased with the results.  Simple.  Yes, I think we kept things simple and thoughtful.  It sure does help that my mom is a talented landscape designer and has the gardens to prove it. {wink, wink}

I’d love to hear of your handmade wedding exploits!  What worked?  What didn’t?

Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time…

Experimenting with Calligraphy

For my birthday I asked for very specific crafty items to which my family responded with slight confusion.  The upshot of that is they pretty much all gave me money to spend on said crafty items and then some.  It has been my sublime pleasure to slowly spend this money over the last two months.  As I’ve been hording my Joann coupons I’ve been trying to find something that I wanted that wasn’t on sale already (and that is the trick with Joann’s and it’s a lovely problem for a girl like me to have).  I’ve been intrigued with calligraphy lately and now I have a nifty little set to play with.


This fun little set spent the weekend burning a whole in my bag as I failed over and over again to find time to play with it.  This afternoon, however, was different.  Both kids were snug in their beds and the house was not a disaster zone so I spent this precious time finishing the movie Julie & Julia that I started last night and testing my calligraphy skills.


As is my usual MO for anything that involves ink I made a mess of my hands.  It was about this time that the natives began stirring so my first adventure in the world of calligraphy came to an end.  I will be back however to try out some thoughts and ideas I have for Christmas cards and displaying the scriptures that I need to see everyday.  Stay tuned as these thoughts and projects materialize.  I sense great promise.

Thanks for stopping by!


I am excited to announce the beginning of Rock Paper Scissors Craft and Design!  Many of us have those little ideas in our head in which we say to ourselves “if I could do anything in the world I would…”  Well this is mine.  If I could do anything in the world I would be crafting and designing fabulous projects for my family, my home, and you!  I look forward to sharing my journey with you.  So, hold on to your hat’s folks, here we go!!!!